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Could easily squeeze it into bag with all my other stuff…Packs very small, doesn’t take much space at all…also seems to dry quicker than my usual gym towel. Need another one for sure!  Dawn H.

These dry so fast! Especially hanging in the wind or sun. I love how soft it is. Put a smile on my face every time I see the cute dolphin on it. Alex j.

When I got this towel I thought I made a mistake, wrong! It is thin but absorb water very well, it looks small when folded but it was perfect for my needs. It takes almost no space, weight almost nothing and drys well and fast. What else can I ask for? Oh yes, the colors and images are beautiful. Lisa Y.

Bit disappointed, was hoping it was as thick as my other beach towels, I guess thats why it dries fast. Joanne W.

Perfect towel for when I go to the gym. This towel is absolutely what I wanted. Beautiful design, soft, easy to pack, dry fast, perfect for our boat trip to the Bahamas. My wife love it….Sean C.

I love this towel! When wet dry in no time, sand doesn’t stick to it, absorb lots of water in seconds. I bought this to use at the pool and lounge chairs. Dries so fast and require minimum storage space so you can carry it everywhere. The design and colors are so eye catching, already got many compliments. I’m thinking to buy the other design too. Jill T.

So happy I found these online, I love dolphins and turtles, could not make up my mind so got both, what a nice pair they make! Rosemary W.