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FAQ - Beach Towels

Beach & Yoga Towel Features:

Lightweight and soft, skin-friendly and non-fading! Absorbs almost 5 times more water than a cotton towel. The fast drying material works perfectly as beach, hiking & travel towel, it dries off so fast!


How to use?

* Take to the beach as a beach towel or blanket.

* Great for your Yoga sessions. 

* Use in your bathroom as a wall decor. 

* Use at the pool on your outdoor sun chair. 

* Take it on an outdoor adventure.

* Perfect for the whole family, from the kids to the parents to the grandparents!


Do the colors bleed when washed? No, our towels quality is very good, they don’t bleed when washed.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS:  Wash in cold or warm water by hand or wash in machine. DO NOT BLEACH. Hang it outside or Low heat tumble dry.


What makes the towel sand free?

There are two reasons:

1.The structure of the micro-fabric is very special. Most of the sand is over 250um(um=a micrometre) in diameter, the gap between the micro fibers is controlled between 0.2-10um, sand can't get inside our Microfiber material!


2. Flat surface of towel. Our towels are not like cotton towels, they are very flat. The dry sand falls off when you shake the towel.


How thin is the material? The thickness of our towel is between 0.4 - 0.45 mm, and the thickness of A4 paper is 0.1 mm, about 4 times thicker than A4 paper.


Is the towel treated with something to make it antibacterial? What makes this towels antibacterial? First of all, the polyester material is not easy to breed bacteria. Secondly, after towel production, our towels goes through special washing and high temperature drying processes as to further strengthen the antibacterial aspect. No chemicals are used.


Where are they made? Our towels are designed in the US and manufactured in China, in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.


Can it be washed in a washing machine? Yes, hand wash or washing machine is ok. We recommend warm or cold water, after the spin cycle you can hang it in a clothing rack and it will dry very fast.


Can you use these towels as bath towels and for drying off after a shower or the pool?  Absolutely, they are ideal to dry off fast as it absorbs water more than cotton towels and dry faster than any other towel.   


Can this towel go into the dryer?  Yes you can! Low temperature heat will be best to keep your towel looking almost new after many, many washes. These towels dry so fast, you won’t need to spend money on electricity, which makes it even more environmentally eco-friendly!


How many gsm (grams per square meter)? Our towels are 250gsm.


What is the material these beach towels are made? Microfiber Polyester


Is it printed on both sides? No, only one side. This makes it easier to remember which side to put on the ground to lay down on.


Does this towel really fold up smaller than a normal cotton beach towel? Yes, it absolutely does, which makes it so practical to travel with, take it in your bag pack, or tote bag.

They are very thin and small when folded, you can put it in your carry-on or suitcase and it will not use much space.


How long does the towel take to air dry when wet? It depends on what kind of climate you are. If it is dry weather and sunny, and you just took it out of the washing machine, or you just dried your body after a swim or shower, it will dry very fast. Just hang it outside for a little bit. It may take a little longer if there is humidity in the air, but it will dry faster than any other kind of towel!


Do they shrink in the dryer? No, they don’t shrink. We recommend low heat.


What is the weight of this towel? 289grams or 10 ounces.


Do these towels have a chemical odor when you open the package?  No, they don’t. Our towels don’t have chemical, ink or any other kind of odor.


Are you going to have more designs in the near future? Yes there will be more designs/variations coming out over the next several months!